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UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lecture: The power of islands

22 October 2019, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Image of a beach and an island in the distance

Catalina Spataru, Associate Professor Global Energy and Resources, will discuss the various challenges faced by many islands as well as some of the most exciting mechanisms in their evolution.

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Emma Hart


Darwin Lecture Theatre
044: Darwin Building
Gower Street
United Kingdom

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About the lecture:

There is captivating hidden history for many of islands, inspiring us with natural beauty. In reality, they suffer various challenges: climate change, waste, plastic in oceans, lack of investments are just few of them. Why has it been so hard to make them the "hottest resource centred points', 'the golden spots" for sustainability? One of the answers is because it transcends the normal boundaries of our thinking. Solutions are partly technical, yet involve appropriate policies mixes, business models, governance structure, communities engagement. This talk offers understanding of problems and delves into some of the most exciting mechanisms in their evolution.

About the Speaker

Catalina Spataru

Associate Professor Global Energy and Resources at Energy Institute, UCL

Associate Professor Global Energy and Resources, Founder and Director of UCL Islands Laboratory (https://www.islandslaboratory.com). Catalina is the author of the book 'Transitioning Island Nations Into Sustainable Energy Hubs' (2018) exploring a deep understanding on current situation of island' nations and provide mechanisms in evolution towards sustainability. She wrote more than 90 articles, books on energy, resource nexus, has been invited regularly as a speaker in academic and professional circles (e.g. Cheltenham Science Festival, European Business Summit Brussels). Catalina has also organised public engagement events, engaged with media being interviewed (e.g Sunday Telegraph).

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