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Lunch Hour Lecture: Save the Children: containing child obesity from human evolutionary perspective

12 March 2019, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Emma Hart


Darwin Lecture Theatre
044: Darwin Building
Gower Street
United Kingdom

About the lecture: Some 10% of pupils arriving at English primary school are already overweight at 5 years old but, according to a recent NHS report (2017), by the time children reach the age of eleven, 20% are overweight or obese. This is in spite of enjoying six years compulsory state education through the National Curriculum, with all its potential for delivering vigorous physical activities on a daily basis and carefully monitored School Dinners. In this presentation, it will be shown that the most effective nutritional and activity regimes should reflect those that best fit our long evolutionary history, but adapted for 21st century urban environments

About the Speaker

Gustav Milne

Mr Gustav Milne, Institute of Archaeology UCL, has some 40 years of experience as an archaeologist with the Museum of London and with UCL's Institute of Archaeology. He has studied urbanism and town planning as well as the health of urban populations, helping to set up the Musuem of London's Centre for Human Bioarachaeology. He established the community-based Thames Discovery Programme, the national coastal archaeology project CITiZAN (featured on the Channel 4 series Britian at Low Tide) and leads UCL's Evolutionary Determinants of Health programme. He is the author of many archaeological reports and books, including Uncivilised Genes: Human Evolution and the Urban Paradox (2017)

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