Research & Specialisms

Our research encompasses the languages, literatures, cultures and histories of all the countries of the Nordic region. We approach these in ways that are both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary; that are both national but also comparative and inter-cultural; and that are synchronic but also diachronic, encompassing the period stretching from the Viking middle ages to the present day.

Staff research interests include the following:


  • Viking Society for Northern Research - based at UCL, the society publishes an annual journal, Saga-Book, as well as monographs, essay collections, critical editions and translations.
  • Norvik Press - the UK's only press specialising in Scandinavian culture. In addition to scholarly works and translations of Nordic literature, we publish the peer-reviewed journal Scandinavica and the periodical Swedish Book Review. Please click on the links below for more information.


Swedish Book Review




Scandinavica is a scholarly journal focusing on the literature and culture of all the Nordic countries. The journal includes contributions from specialists in any field of Scandinavian Studies including Literary Studies, History, Art, Film and Media Studies, Linguistics, and Medieval Studies.Swedish Book Review was launched in 1983. It publishes two main issues every year. The main aim of SBR is to present Swedish literature to the English-speaking world. It carries translated extracts from the works of Swedish writers, often together with an introductory article.