Degrees with Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies


Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at UCL

Innovative Teaching

While all members of staff are prominent researchers, they are also devoted to innovative teaching practices in the classroom. We offer small-group language teaching, personal tutoring, visits to museums and galleries, and special film screenings and seminars. Members of staff have been nominated regularly for teaching awards.

Research Excellence

Our staff are widely known for their expertise, and have published scholarly articles and monographs on famous authors and film directors such as Miguel de Cervantes, Gabriel García Márquez, Javier Marías, César Vallejo, Julio Medem, Lucrecia Martel, Machado de Assis, Jorge Luis Borges and many others. Our strengths include early-modern and modern literature, cultural studies, history, and film studies. We are proud to include Corresponding Members of the Peruvian Academy of Language and of the Academy of the Portuguese Marine. Members of staff have participated in numerous successful bids for collaborative research grants in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. There is also a strong tradition of funded PhD activities. We hold thriving research seminars with contributions from renowned national and international scholars.

Connections and Collaborations

We host vibrant research seminars and cultural events. We take full advantage of London's cultural facilities, such as public institutions, museums, theatres, libraries and research centres. We also foster collaborations with leading international institutions such as the British Library, the Peruvian Academy of Language, the Universidade de Campinas, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Documentary Film School in Havana, and the Rio Film School in Rio de Janeiro.

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Degree combining two modern languages

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