ELCS Modules Overview

Our 'ELCS' modules introduce students to broad comparative, interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to the humanities which complement language-specific modules.

All ELCS (European Languages, Culture & Society) modules are taught by the School's academic staff and teaching fellows and most comprise both core lectures and small group seminars. The modules develop analytical skills and cultural competences that complement those taught across SELCS's subject and language areas.

The range of topics typically includes:

  • Literature, Film, Linguistics and History as core areas of the SELCS curriculum. The focus is predominantly European but other geo-cultural areas which have links with European traditions (e.g. areas and cultures of North Africa and South America) are also considered;
  • Historical periods and cultural movements such as the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Realism, Decadence, Modernity and Modernism, and Postmodernism;
  • Topics related to philosophy, cultural studies, theoretical enquiry, a wide variety of literary genres and other forms of cultural and visual representation are also studied.

All modules are taught in English and assessment is based on materials exclusively in English. Students are, however, encouraged to read texts or study other materials when possible in the original language and to contribute to class discussion in the light of their specialist knowledge of a language or languages and the cultures associated with them. With this in mind, each ELCS module provides a forum in which students and staff from across the School, including students from outside SELCS and affiliates from Europe and beyond, meet and exchange ideas.

There are Graduate and three types of Undergraduate ELCS modules (Year 1, Year 2, Final Year):

  • Year 1 and Year 2 modules are taught in the form of one core lecture and one of a number of small-group seminars per week over one term.
  • Final Year ELCS modules are normally taught in the form of weekly two-hour seminars over one term.
  • MA students taking ELCS Graduate modules will be taught alongside Final Year undergraduate students.

All ELCS modules are valued at 15 UCL credits (7.5 ECTS) each.

Students must attend all lectures and the seminar group to which they are allocated.