SELCS staff honoured in the 2023 UCL Education Awarda

12 April 2021

SELCS staff have been honoured in the 2023 UCL Education Awards

SELCS's nominees

SELCS staff have been honoured in the 2023 UCL Education Awards. Joana Jacob Ramalho (Portuguese) won this year's UCL Education Award for Exceptional Feedback (individual), and Elettra Carbone (Scandinavian) and Christine Sas (Dutch) were shortlisted for the Education Award for Openness and Inclusion. During a well-attended ceremony on the sunlit Wilkins Terrace on 7 June, Joana received the award from UCL President and Provost Michael Spence.

Her nomination statement, put forward by the Student Union was "Joana gave such detailed and helpful feedback on our formative essay plans. I could tell that she really wanted the feedback to help us achieve our potential in the final assessment, giving specific suggestions for improvement in areas that could benefit from more research (suggesting scholars or themes that could be linked in order to improve the depth and range of analysis). Joana also made sure that we had access to the feedback plenty of time before the final assessment was dues, so that we could take on the feedback. What was especially good was that the formative essay plan was due quite late in the term, meaning that we could choose to write on any of the topics, as we had already covered them by that point. This makes the fact that the feedback was given on time even more impressive and appreciated."

Elettra and Christine were nominated for their "development of a portfolio of Widening Participation activities and resources making languages accessible to UK schoolchildren", drawing on SELCS expertise in a dozen languages, and collaborating with UCL Art Museum. Their exhibition "Not Just Words: Learning languages through art and objects" in the UCL Art Museum (free and open Tuesday – Friday from 1–5 pm) will be running until 15 December 2023.