Margarita Saad at UNESCO, Former Leverhulme Artist in Residence, SELCS/French

25 November 2019


Margarita Saad at UNESCO

Former Leverhulme Artist in Residence, SELCS/French

Mille oiseaux messagers de la paix/A Thousand Birds Messengers of Peace by Margarita Saad, Leverhulme artist in residence in the French department 2014-2015, under the mentorship of Timothy Mathews, is now on permanent display at UNESCO in Paris. Growing out of the theme of the residency, Translation, Transcription, the work has a confluence of subjects including womanhood, migration, freedom and peace. Margarita Saad  lives between different languages, and she creates a multicultural aesthetic by drawing on the material elements of writing and a number of different alphabets. Please go to Margarita’s blog for further information and pictures: https://translationtranscription.wordpress.com/