Concepts of Translation in Memory Studies

07 March 2022, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm


Part of the Translation, Memory, Migration (UCL / SOAS Global Translation Lectures) series

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Kathryn Batchelor

This seminar examines concepts of and reflection on translation that are found within the field of Memory Studies. Translation is referred to both in the sense of interlingual translation, and in the metaphorical sense of movement. This movement concerns the embodying of past experience in present medial forms and often narrative, and the shift of personal memory into public or collective memory and vice versa. The engagement with interlingual translation at the micro textual level centres on the conceptual implications of the multilingual rendering of key terms in the field of Memory Studies. In a world dominated by English and theoretical paradigms of the Global North, it is felt that introducing terms/concepts from other languages and spheres is necessary, if not an easy undertaking. At the macro textual level, the interlingual translation of works is considered to be a form of remediation that allows the transcultural circulation of cultural products which challenge readers to engage with the other who is distant in space and also in time.  

About the Speaker
Siobhan Brownlie is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, UK, and she teaches at Le Mans Université in France. Her main research interests are in Intercultural Communication and Memory Studies. She has published three monographs, of which the second is titled Mapping Memory in Translation (2016).