UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Harrison Dent (2012-)

Why ESPS at UCL?

ESPS is a programme with everything to offer and truly equips students with the ideal skills to succeed in any and every field.

The structure of the courses and modules themselves open up a multitude of avenues, allowing you to experience areas you’d not yet previously covered, or even thought about. From this basis, you are able to hone in your skills, interests and passions and explore deep aspects of a particular field. This progression and gradual development means that you can take out of an ESPS degree whatever you wish to with the right amount of focus, passion and effort.

The programme would not, of course, be possible without the support of both the teaching and administrative staff, who are always available to guarantee that you make the most of your time at UCL, giving students a unique and personal experience.

The dissertation is another aspect, which adds to the individuality of each student’s experience. From the end of your second year, you will start to create your masterpiece that is bound to be the subject of both your dreams and your nightmares! You are given the freedom to explore any field you wish, supported by the invaluable knowledge and experience of the teaching staff, with the aim of creating a piece of work that you will, no doubt, be forever proud of.

This programme isn’t all about social and political studies, though. From start to finish, the degree pushes you to learn and explore new languages, a prospect that so many other programmes neglect. This prospect is best exemplified by the fact that you will study these languages alongside a great many pure language students who, unlike ESPS students, will not have the chance to delve into the wide variety of specialisations that ESPS can offer.

The language element of the degree is crowned by the year abroad – truly the definition of the word opportunity. During your year abroad, not only will you master new languages, meet new people and explore new cultures; you will also be exposed to a new world of opportunities in travel, education, employment and much more. During my year abroad in Brussels, I was able to participate in the National Model United Nations in New York while also obtaining first hand experience of the institutions of the European Union. 

Thanks to my experience on my year abroad, as well as all the hard work I had done beforehand back at UCL, I won the Male Undergraduate of the Year 2015, sponsored by TargetJobs – something unimaginable to me before I started ESPS. As shown, ESPS is all about gateways, open doors and opportunities. It pushes you to achieve your very best, inside and outside of the classroom. Honestly, what more could ESPS possibly offer?