UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Statement from the Head of EISPS

29 March 2022

In the beginning of the current academic year, I expressed my hope that this year will turn out to be much better than last one. By now, I think we can safely say that it has. Although we haven’t been able to do entirely without Covid restrictions, it has been such a huge improvement that we have finally been able to meet face to face again; both for teaching and for social events. In the beginning of the year, we pledged that EISPS would try to organise as many events as possible this year, and indeed there have been more than perhaps ever before: from the beginning-of-the-year party in Gordon Square to the end-of-the-term party on the steps of Portico. Although several events still sadly had to be cancelled, especially at the end of Term 1, I feel that we can be more than happy with their number and quality this year. And we have a reason to be immensely grateful to the people who have been in the centre of organising them: Julia, Rich, Li-Yun, the student representatives, and everyone else who has helped.

We currently expect that the next academic year will be a completely normal one, and that the pandemic will finally be behind us. But this of course does not mean that we can sit back and relax, because there will always be new sources of uncertainty. Russia’s ongoing, entirely unprovoked war against Ukraine is something that will remain with us for a long time, even after the fighting will have ended. Global challenges, such as the climate crisis, will have not gone anywhere. On the level of UCL, the major reform plans that are currently under development by the Provost and his team, will change both staff and student experience in ways that are hard to foresee at the moment.

Rest assured, though, that EISPS will fully remain committed to offering the best experience we can to our students and staff, and that we will continue to seek ways in which we can make things work better. Our programme of social events will certainly continue next year, and we have other new and exciting initiatives about which there will be more information soon. As always, do stay in touch with us and good luck with all your essays and exams.

Dr Mart Kuldkepp, Head of Department of EISPS