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This work-stream pairs UCL’s foremost expert on Russian politics, Dr Ben Noble, with the Centre for European Reform, the UK’s leading think-tank on European integration, to interrogate developments relating to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Poltava, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine


  • to track, assess and analyse developments relating to Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • to generate new insights through cross-disciplinary discussion
  • to foster exchange between policymakers and the academy

Project partners

Fostering dialogue between policymakers and academics

We are convening three roundtables and will produce a policy report:

Brussels Roundtable 'Ukraine's European Future: Prospects and Possibilities' (27 February 2024)

The first of three roundtables took place in Brussels on 27 February 2024 on Ukraine’s European future. The conversation what Ukraine and the EU might need to do to prepare for Ukraine’s accession, the obstacles relating to Ukraine’s accession, and potential reform to the accession process itself. It also considered whether EU membership on its own would be enough to guarantee Ukraine’s security, whether Ukraine might in future join NATO and what role the European Political Community might play in fostering Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration. 

Brussels roundtable security
Andrew Wilson, Professor of Ukrainian Studies at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, was joined on the panel by Ian Bond, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform; Maryna Iaroshevych, European Integration Programme Director at The Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism"; and Natalie Pauwels, Head of Unit, Inter-institutional, Coordination of Relief & Reconstruction, Ukraine Service at DG NEAR in the European Commission. The session was chaired by Luigi Scazzieri, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform.

Read about this roundtable

London Roundtable 'The Russian Presidential Election' (10 April 2024)

The next roundtable will take place in London in April 2024, and will focus on the implications of Putin’s inevitable re-election for the war in Ukraine and the security of Europe, while interrogating how Europe should approach relations with Russia and what would have to change (in Russia or the West) to return to a stable equilibrium.

Find the programme here

Berlin roudtable 'Europe's Future Security Architecture' (September 2024)

A third and final roundtable on Europe’s future security architecture is envisaged for the September 2024 in Berlin. Details to follow.

Policy report

A policy report building on these discussions will be published before the end of 2025.


If you’d like to find out more about this work-stream, please contact Dr Ben Noble (Benjamin.noble@ucl.ac.uk) or Lucy Shackleton (l.shackleton@ucl.ac.uk).

Spotlight on Ben Noble

Read more about Dr Ben Noble, academic lead for this work-stream by reading his Spotlight interview here:

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Images: Poltava, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine, Published on 12 August 2022, Photo by Margarita Marushevska on Unsplash. Globe, Photo by Jan Reinicke on Unsplash

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