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The programme

Through the Looking Glass: Political Legitimacy from Multiple Angles Workshop held at UCL , 13 July 2019, 9-19:30

Panel 1: Frameworks of legitimacy

Chair: Albert Weale (UCL, Political Theory and Public Policy)

  • Amanda Greene (UCL, Political Philosophy): The Logic of Legitimacy
  • Richard Bellamy (UCL, Political Science): A Republican Account of Legitimacy
  • Tom Christiano (University of Arizona, Philosophy): How to think about legitimacy in international institutions

Panel 2: Legitimacy in practice

Chair: Oliver Gerstenberg (UCL, Laws)

  • Silje Aambø Langvatn (Oslo, Public and International Law, formerly Pluricourts): What is it we disagree about, when we disagree about the legitimacy of an institution?
  • Nomi Lazar (Yale/National University of Singapore College, Political Theory): Rhetorical framing in dynamic practices of legitimation
  • Rodney Barker (LSE, Government): Who is legitimation for?

Panel 3: Legitimacy and the law, and law enforcement

Chair Nomi Lazar (Yale/National University of Singapore College, Political Theory)

  • Justice Tankebe (Cambridge University, Criminology): Legitimacy in Criminology
  • Jon Jackson (LSE, Methodology): Norms, normativity and the legitimacy of legal authorities
  • Ben Bradford (UCL, Security and Crime Science/Global City Policing): Police legitimacy and social identity

Panel 4: Consequences, measures, and crises of legitimacy

Chair: Claudia Sternberg

  • Alicia Blanco González (King Juan Carlos University, Business Administration): European state legitimacy: a cross-country comparison
  • Thomas Sommerer (University of Stockholm, Political Science): The consequences of legitimacy in global governance
  • Chris Lord (Arena Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, Politics): What power relations require justification in the case of the European Union? Implications for legitimacy crisis

Closing session: Can your answers help to question my questions?

Chair: Richard Bellamy