UCL European Institute


EU Network of Networks event

30 June 2023

Members of European student societies from universities across the UK gathered at an event co-organised by the EU Delegation to the United Kingdom, in anticipation of an inaugural UK Youth Summit to take place later in 2023.

Attendees of the student societies event stand together outside Bentham House.

On 9 June, the European Institute was delighted to host a meeting of 50 representatives from established or emerging European student societies at 22 universities across the UK at Bentham House.

The meeting, which was co-chaired by the European and International Social and Political Studies (EISPS) Society and organised by the EU Delegation to the United Kingdom, provided a space for European societies to learn from one another and achieve greater sustainability, laying the groundwork for an inaugural UK Youth Summit which will be hosted by UCL in October 2023.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for Deputy Ambassador of the European Union to the United Kingdom, Nicole Mannion, to engage with students and to hold a bilateral with Vice Provost for Research, Innovation and Global Engagement, Professor Geraint Rees.