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Video recording of panel on French election

28 March 2022

The roundtable convened experts in French politics to discuss the major issues surrounding the French presidential election.

French election panel discussion

France could be in for another major political upset with the upcoming presidential election on 10 April (first round) and 24 April (second round).

On 22 March 2022, the UCL European Institute hosted an online panel discussion organised by Philippe Marlière. The roundtable panel brought together experts in the field of French politics to discuss the most salient issues of this very uncertain election:

  • the various candidates in the race and the main campaign themes,
  • ‘Macronomics’ and the economic state of France,
  • the rise of the far Right and reactionary politics, the crisis of the Left,
  • and France and the European Union.

The panel discussion is now available to view online.

Watch now


  • Prof. Rainbow Murray (Queen Mary University): on the various candidates and the main campaign themes.
  • Sophie Pedder (The Economist’s Paris bureau chief): on the Macron presidency and his economic policies.
  • Dr Aurélien Mondon (Bath University): on the rise of the far-Right and on Le Pen and Zemmour candidacies.
  • Cole Stangler (Paris-based journalist): on the Left, its decline and prospects.
  • Shada Islam (Head of Brussels-based New Horizons Project): on France and the EU, Franco-British relations, France in the world.
  • Chair: Prof. Philippe Marlière (UCL).