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Anniversary Review: Celebrating 10 years of the European Institute

25 March 2021

The UCL European Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. Look back at the past decade of research, collaboration, and engagement on Europe in our 10th Anniversary Review.

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In 2020, the UCL European Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary.

In celebrating our first decade, our huge thanks go to the hundreds of colleagues we’ve worked with across UCL and beyond. You have made possible the hundreds of events and countless blogs, briefings, papers, books, videos and podcasts that we have hosted and published. Our 10th Anniversary Review looks back on the key themes and highlights of our work over the past 10 years.

It has been a tumultuous decade for Europe and the study thereof. Nearly half of it was marked by an intense, increasingly fractious debate about the very nature of Britain’s relationship to Europe. We have witnessed firsthand how the UK’s reluctant membership of the Union came to an end after 47 years. And as the future UK-EU relationship is yet to be determined, the ways in which we think about, describe, represent and analyse Europe continue to be most pertinent, and urgent. 

2010-2020 has been turbulent. While we hope there are smoother waters on the horizon, we are committed to navigating the challenges and opportunities that the study of Europe has to offer.

Since its launch, the UCL European Institute has been a genuine hub of exchange, transmission of ideas and debates on European matters. 

- Professor Philippe Marlière, UCL SELCS

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