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Publication: Business Lobbying in the European Union

23 February 2021

UCL European Institute Fellow Professor David Coen is the co-author of a new book from Oxford University Press.

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Business Lobbying in the European Union

David Coen, Alexander Katsaitis, Matia Vannoni

Abstract: At a time when Europe and business stand at crossroads, this study provides a perspective into how business representation in the EU has evolved and valuable insights into how to organize lobbying strategies and influence policy-making. Uniquely, the authors analyze business lobbying in Brussels by drawing on insights from political science, public management, and business studies. The study uses a variety of methods to analysis the business government relations drawing on unique business and policy-maker surveys; in-depth case studies and elite interviews; large statistical analysis of lobbying registers to assess density and diversity across policy areas and EU institutions; and managerial career path and organizational analysis to assess corporate political capabilities.


  • Includes unique data on business lobbying that span more than 30 years
  • Employs an innovative theoretical approach that combines political science with business studies
  • Offers an unparalleled empirical mapping of business lobbying in the EU, and a uniquely diverse methodological perspective

    David Coen is Professor of Public Policy at UCL
    Alexander Katsaitis is Fellow in Public Policy & Administration at LSE
    Matia Vannoni is Lecturer in Public Policy at King's College London

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