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The European Institute has used the European Literary Map to start a broader, online conversation on the value of diversity at UCL, and in London, and the transformative impact of time in the city.

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By exploring European writers’ encounters with London, the European Literary Map of London project highlights the transformative impact that people from all over the world have had on London, and how London, in turn, has changed them.

Lost & Found, the public exhibition which brings the Map to life in UCL South Cloisters, encourages critical reflection on the role the city plays as a place where people, cultures and languages intersect, and are transformed. Students and visitors have left behind their own perspectives on how London has changed them via post-it notes.

Working with the Office of the Vice-President External Engagement, the European Literary Map of London team is taking this conversation online, by speaking to students about where they come from, the places and spaces in London that are special to them, and how London has changed them, using the hashtag: #LondonChangedMe

This content is designed to celebrate the diversity of both UCL and London, and help to showcase the linguistically and culturally diverse community at UCL, alongside the transformative experience that studying at the heart of London offers.