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Extremism in Europe: What can the EU do?

08 February 2016, 12:00 am

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8 February 2016, 6.30pm
Currently at one of its many historical turning points, the European continent and its democratic institutions look at the rise of various extremist movements with fear. The liberal consensus in Europe is threatened by far-right parties in Poland, France, Hungary and other countries; while the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the refugee crisis are triggering many alarms and shacking the foundations of the Schengen Agreement.

8 February 2016, 6.30pm

E28 Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre
Gordon Street 25

Please arrive at 18:15 for a 18:30 start

To analyze these and many other aspects of the rise of extremism, there will be short presentations from each of our competent speakers (for more information check out the facebook event, followed by a 20 minute panel discussion when the speakers will address the following the questions:

1. Does the EU have normative capacity to counter extremism?

2. Does violent extremism pose a threat to EU border controls and if so should we sacrifice Schengen?

3. How do you foresee the development of extremism in Europe in the coming years?

There will then be a Q&A session with the audience.

If you have any questions, please email the European Student Society or contact them via their Facebook page.