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Refugee Crisis in Europe

19 November 2015, 12:00 am

Refugee Crisis in Europe

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19 November 2015 +++ Fully booked +++
What is to be done in the face of the last few months' influx of refugees into Europe? Can the EU ever overcome this crisis? And what will be the consequences for the future of Europe? Join us for a panel discussion organised by MyLifeMySay as part of our newly launched partnership. 

19 November, 6.30pm

Houses of Parliament
Committee Room 9 


From the construction of fences in Calais and on the Hungarian border to the their responses to ghoulish images of washed up children on a beach, decision makers across Europe are divided on how to resolve the plight of these vulnerable refugees who mostly have fled persecution from war torn countries in the Middle East and elsewhere. We will be looking at causes and solutions, as well as analysing how the EU and member-states have reacted. The debate will begin at 6:30pm, but doors will open at 6:15pm (please allow half hour for security checks through the Cromwell Green Entrance).


  • Stephen Kinnock MP, Labour MP for Aberavon. Former Director at World Economic Forum forEurope and Central Asia. Senior Adviser and Ambassador at MYLIFEMYSAY.
  • Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, UK representative of the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency).
  • Dr Paola Subacchi (Chair), Director of Research for International Political Economy, Chatham House. Senior Adviser and Ambassador at MYLIFEMYSAY.
  • Rouba Mhaissen, PhD candidate in Gender and Development, SOAS. Economist and Development practicioner. Expert on Syria's Refugee crisis. 
  • Dr Erin Saltman, Senior Counter Extremism Researcher, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

This panel is organised by MyLifeMySay, a youth-led movement seeking to evolve relationships between young people and decision-makers, as part of a new partnership with the UCL European Institute. The Institute gratefully acknowledges co-funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.