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The Social Transformation in Hungary 25 Years after Regaining Freedom

10 June 2015, 12:00 am

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10 June 2015
Zoltán Balog, Hungarian Minister for Human Capacities, reflects on the social transformation of in Hungary, 25 Years after Regaining Freedom.

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Room 432, SSEES
16 Taviton Street

Hungarian Minister for Human Capacities, Zoltán Balog, will talk on "The Social Transformation in Hungary 25 Years after Regaining Freedom".

Zoltán Balog was appointed Hungarian Minister for Human Capacities in June last year having previously held the post of Minister of State for Social Inclusion at the  Ministry of PublicAdministration and Justice.  

Since May 2006 he has been Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Minorities, Civic and Religious Affairs and, alongside Romani Rose, Chairman of the Central Council of German Sintho and Roma that supported aid for the families of victims of the serial murders against the Roma. 

As a student at the Faculty of Theology of the Martin Luther University, Halle, between 1981-3 he actively participated in the peace actions of the Evangelical Church of the GDR.

He acted as a contact between the East German "peace process" and the Dialogue Group of Budapest. As a leader of the Protestant Forum he co-founded a German language study group "Lost Years?" which published and analysed sources of the Cold War from theological aspects. 

Since February 2007 he has been deputy parliamentary front leader of the FIDESZ party and leader of the FIDESZ Cultural Cabinet. He is also currently President of the National Cultural Fund.

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