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Passionate Politics Workshop

22 May 2015, 12:00 am


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22 May 2015
This one day workshop brings together graduate students and staff across a range of UCL departments to discuss the relationship between passions and politics from a conceptual, philosophical and practical perspective. 

22 May 2015


Front Quad Events Space, UCL Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT 

As nationalism enters the political arena in British politics, this timely workshop brings together UCL graduates and staff to discuss the relationship between passions and politics. Open to UCL graduate students and staff only. A provisional program is listed below. 

9:30 -10:00   Coffee/Tea
10:00- 10:20

Introduction to passionate politics research group

Axel Körner

10:20- 11:30

Emotions in conflict

  1. Ophelia Lai: Temporality and Love in the works of Hannah Arendt [Provisional Title]-Looks at the way in which totalitarianism entails a radical isolation of individuals, whereas love can serve as the basis for a re-founding of a political community.
  2. Katherine Ibbett: Compassion's Edge: Fellow-feeling and its limits in Early Modern France- Focus on the political temporality of compassion. Compassion is better thought of as affiliation rather than affect.
  3. Leni Diner Dothan- Pieta - the Heterotopia of Bereavement 

Chair: Matthew Ellison

11:30-11:50 Coffee/Tea

Images and passionate politics /Affective agencies

  1. Jo Hodges: Las Meninas: a gateway to understanding why Labour Isn't Working to the Coalition Isn't Working in 10 artefacts- Using Benjamin and Foucault to understand why the gaze of the electorate isn't being returned by British Party Politics.
  2. Dawn Gaietto: Unfixed Consciousness/Positive Unconsciousness- Based on a visual research project exploring notions of non-human agency and subject/object in art.
  3. Dana Ariel- On traces and tracing: identity, photography and printmaking

Chair: Dina Gusejnova

13:00- 14:00 Lunch provided by FIGS

Imagining the body politic in space 

  1. Bharath Ganesh: Politics of the Cipher- The cipher (where rappers form a circle and freestyle to a beat) as an affective and politicised space demanding ethical experimentation that constructs a responsible subject.
  2. Maud Craigie- Affected Affect: simulated emotion in non-theatrical environments -The performative aspects of emotions/behaviour in non-theatrical environments and unusual forms of affective labour.
  3. Tanya Filer: Democracy and Emotional Communities in the Political Thought of Exiled Argentine Intellectuals, 1973-1989- Draws on Naussbaum and Rosenwein to explore the changes in the way Argentina is conceived as constituted by emotional communities or forming itself an emotional community.

Chair:  Axel Körner

15:10-15:30 Coffee/Tea     

Passionate citizenship

  1. Montserrat Guibernau: Belonging, the nation and political mobilization- Addresses the idea of belonging in terms of an emotional bond existing between citizens. Also seeks to identify the emergence of significant groups of alienated individuals and look at how these groups begin to exert political force.
  2. Manuela Irarrazabal: Approaching Anger and Resentment from Aristotle- Discusses the relation between rationality and anger, and the rationality of resentment.

Chair: tba


    Closing Discussion 

    Led by Tim Beasley-Murray

    17:30-19:00 Wine reception