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European Students' Forum event with MEP's

02 April 2014, 12:00 am

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2 April 2014
In May 2014, the European Parliament Elections will be held for the 8th time. At the time of the last European elections, voter turnout was low, especially among young people.


2 April 2014




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The Y Vote 2014 project aims to reverse this trend by encouraging young people to get involved and to turn them into important actors of the upcoming European Parliament Elections. (Please find further information here: AEGEE Europe).

The project is reaching its aim through different conventions, local activities, bus tours all around Europe and by issuing a Voting Guide which is aimed at informing young and first-time voters about the EU, voting procedures and the stance of the European Political Parties on different issues that concern youth.

In the United Kingdom, between 1-10 April 2014, around 30 participants (local and international young people) will cross 1000 km and travel through London, Bristol, Swansea, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. YVote team members, the board members of AEGEE / European Students' Forum and the local and international participants will organise panel discussions, street actions, visits to universities and secondary schools and reach the local citizens as much as possible.

An opening ceremony will be held in London on April, 2nd at UCL from 3pm to 5pm, during which the attendants will have the opportunity to debate about the EU with MEP's, candidates to the European Parliament, and other stakeholders involved in European Affairs.
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About the organisers
AEGEE /European Students' Forum (www.aegee.org) is one of the largest inter-disciplinary student organizations in Europe, and it promotes an equal, democratic and unified Europe, open to all across national borders. Several hundred conferences, training and cultural events are organised across the network every year, and AEGEE also advocates for the needs and interests of European students.

More details: Louise Paphisa