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Still the Europe of Milward?

07 March 2011, 12:00 pm–8:00 pm

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7 March 2011, 12-8pm

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Date and Time:
7 March 2011
followed by reception

Europe House
32 Smith Square
London SW1P 3EU

This public panel discussion, organised by the UCL European Institute, combines both historical and present-day perspectives on how the European Union and its relationship to the nation-state is evolving. 

The event will take its point of departure from the work of the late Alan Milward, formerly the "official" historian of British policy toward the EU and one of the most influential historians of European integration. 

Under the title "Still the Europe of Milward? Is the EU Still Rescuing the Nation - and Should it?", the discussion will centre on the forces that originally brought the European Community about and of the future relationship between the nation-state and the European Union. The discussion will build on the outcomes of a closed workshop session with all speakers, which precedes the public panel.

Confirmed participants are:

  • Sir Stephen Wall (Chair of UCL Council and now the official historian of the UK's relationship with the EU)
  • Professor Bo Stråth (Chair in Nordic, European and World History at the Renvall Institute, University of Helsinki)
  • Professor Sverker Gustavsson (Department of Government, University of Uppsala)
  • Dr Frances Lynch (Department of History, University of Westminster)
  • Dr Piers Ludlow (Department of International History, LSE)
  • Brendan Donnelly (Director, Federal Trust)
  • Professor Richard Bellamy (UCL European Institute and School of Public Policy)

The event is organised by the UCL European Institute and co-hosted by Europe House, the headquarters of the UK Office of the European Parliament and the European Commission Representation to the UK.

The event is free but registration is required. Please register here: http://milward.eventbrite.com/