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UCL has a rich network of partnerships with Europe's leading academic institutions and research organisations alongside and plays a leadership in European networks.

Partnerships & collaboration

UCL enjoys strong partnerships with leading academic institutions across the continent, including Alliance4Tech, Max-Planck UCL Centre for Computation Psychiatry and Aging and the UCL-Inria London Programme. 

Individually and through sector networks, most notably the Russell Group, Universities UK International and the League of European Research Universities (LERU), UCL also plays a leadership role in shaping European research, innovation and higher education, in areas from research security to open access publishing. 

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, we have also actively invested in fostering multidisciplinary partnerships with academic institutions, policy actors and civil society in Rome, Paris and Stockholm through the innovative Cities Partnership Programme. 

UCL in Europe

UCL EU Horizon 2020 Partners

As a top 10 global university, UCL is one of the world’s outstanding centres for research, teaching and expertise on Europe, across disciplines. 

European Voices

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European Voices is a web portal showcasing UCL’s rich links to Europe: from research and teaching, partnerships and engagement, to student, staff and alumni ties to the continent.