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Elke Kristoffersen

Headshot of Elke Kristoffersen

Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy


Elke Kristoffersen leads the Partnerships & Philanthropy team at the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels, a landmark in the capital of Europe’s cultural landscape, representing all artistic disciplines and welcoming over 1 million visitors per year. As a Federal cultural institution BOZAR has a resolute European positioning that offers a platform for intercultural dialogue, cultural diplomacy, diversity and inclusion.

BOZAR’s strategic location in Brussels ensures excellent visibility of our cultural activities vis-à-vis the European institutions and enables the development of fruitful collaborations with International and European partners.

As Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy, Elke is passionate about creating meaningful relations and innovative partnerships with impact. The understanding of stakeholder needs, flexibility and building long-term relationships have been her dedicated approach throughout the years.

Previously, she worked in the media and advertising sector where she specialised in pan-European partnerships.

Elke has a Double Major B.A. in Sociology and Mass Communications from York University, Toronto, Canada and is involved in various roundtables on Diversity & Inclusion practices, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Partnerships. She is also a Board Member of The Pond and the Waterfalls, supporting emerging collaborations as (a) key to social change.