UCL COVID-19 building update

Please find information relating to UCL buildings during the COVID-19 outbreak

UCL is currently closed to the public and our staff and students are currently working and studying remotely, except for a very small number of buildings and research areas. Information on the phased reopening of UCL buildings and campus is available on our live updates page

Your line manager or supervisor will get in touch with you directly if your department is reopening. Unless you are one of our key staff who has worked onsite during the lockdown, or you have been contacted to return to on-site working, please continue to work remotely.

The university is reopening in a phased manner and has started this process with pilots. We are using what we've learned from these pilot schemes to inform the full reopening of the university in phases.

UCL staff wishing to confirm the status of their buildings, should contact their department or faculty Director of Operations.

Process for Opening Buildings

Once a building is identified to be opened (live updates page), the following steps will take place;

  1. Discussion between Department & Estates responsible team​
  2. Target Date for opening set by Estates Campus Opening Board 
  3. Department and Estates start work to prepare the building and the people who will be returning to work on site.
  4. Estates confirm, statutory compliance works completed​, cleaning and security are available ​and social distancing measures are implemented​
  5. Department completes the return to work risk assessment and the return to UCL checklist
  6. Documents are submitted by Estates and Department to the COO for approval
  7. Building Opens

Before you return

Your line manager or supervisor will get in touch with you directly if your department is re-opening before you return: