UCL Estates has an online system for permit authorisation, issue, closure and reporting.

Anyone requiring a permit issue for departmental purposes should contact the relevant UCL Estates manager who is instructing, controlling or authorising the works that require a permit.

To access the system, you will need to log in with your UCL username and password. 

Create a permit

Permit types

BKEY ISSUE (PLANT ROOM, ROOF ACCESS ETC.)To authorise the issue of keys for entry to rooms/areas controlled by EFD
CINSTRUCTION TO DISCONNECTInstruction to electrician/engineer to disconnect plant/equipment/systems/area and to provide confirmation of the disconnection before work on the plant/equipment/systems/area takes place.
DENTER RESTRICTED AREASTo authorise the entry into restricted areas under the control of UCL departments e.g. laboratories, and BSU.
ECONFINED SPACETo authorise work in a confined space. This permit requires confirmation of the isolation of electrical/mechanical systems air monitoring and rescue equipment.
FHOT WORKTo authorise hot work. This permit requires specified safety checks to be carried out by the person carrying out the hot work.
GWORK ON SPECIFIC SYSTEMSTo authorise work on a specific system (plant or equipment). This permit requires confirmation of isolation or safety checks of electrical and mechanical systems.
HLABORATORY CLEARANCE CERTIFICATELaboratory Clearance Certificates are not part of the database system and do not require authorisation, it has been included in the Home Page Menu for convenience of access and printing. Laboratory Clearance Certificates are for the use of Project Officers/Managers to obtain, from the occupying department, confirmation of laboratory clearance or adequate safety control measures before the area is handed over to a contractor.

Permit closure

All permits should be returned to the Estates Customer Helpdesk for closure, along with any keys drawn with the permit.

To close a permit the search facility is used to trace the permit record.

The Closing Officer then enters name and date in the appropriate boxes and checks for the return of any keys issued with the permit, they then sign and date the paper permit in the closure section, retaining the permit for Helpdesk and supplying a copy to the contractor. 

Last updated: Monday, February 22, 2021