UCL Shop

The UCL shop on Bloomsbury Campus is currently closed until further notice.

How to find the UCL Shop

The UCL Shop is located in the basement of the Wilkins Building.

From the South Cloisters: follow the corridor round to the right, turn left at the swing doors and go down the stairs.

From the South Junction entrance: go through the pair of double doors and turn left.

Payment methods accepted

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card payments for purchases over £3.00
  • Electronic inter departmental transfers for purchases of £25.00 and over (UCL ID required)
  • UCL purchasing cards


  • UCL Clothing
  • Computer Supplies
  • Arts and craft material
  • Drawing equipment and accessories
  • Stationery
  • Food and drink
  • Christmas cards

Plus miscellaneous items including top-up cards and vouchers for mobile phones, stamps, batteries, medicines, assorted departmental books of UCL and mobile phone USB cables.

How to order

To place an order for UCL memorabilia, call 020 7679 3918/7025 (UCL ext 37025). Once payment has been confirmed, these will be shipped out to you. 

Buy online

Additional Services 

The UCL Shop offers the following additional services:

  • recycling points for batteries and toner and ink cartridges
  • vouchers for replacement UCL identity cards.