Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Inclusion Leads Contact List

The contact details for Inclusion Leads by faculty / division are listed below.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Arts and Sciences (BASc)

Miss Elena Méndez-Piedra Paredes e.paredes@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Timothy Jordan t.jordan@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of English Lang & Literature

Christine Xine Yao  christine.yao@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Greek & Latin

Miss Stephanie Dutton s.dutton@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Hebrew & Jewish Studies

Francois Guesnet f.guesnet@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Information Studies

Ms Sarah Davenport s.davenport@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Alison Sizer a.sizer.11@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Philosophy

Sophie Grant Sophie.grant@ucl.ac.uk

School of European Languages, Culture & Society (SELCS)

Amy Li xiaofan.amy.li@ucl.ac.uk

Maria Chiara D’Argenio  m.d'argenio@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Peter Schroeder  p.schroder@ucl.ac.uk

The Slade School of Fine Art

Ms Kate Rowlands katherine.rowlands@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

Cristina Gardini c.gardini@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Stefanie Anyadi s.anyadi@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Psychiatry

Dr Sushrut Jadhav s.jadhav@ucl.ac.uk

The Ear Institute

Dr Hannah Cooper hannah.cooper@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Marta Andres Miguel marta.andres@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Ophthalmology

Avili Feese a.feese@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Institute of Prion Diseases

Amali De Silva AmaliDeSilva@prion.ucl.ac.uk

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Professor Helene Plun-Favreau h.plun-favreau@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Engineering Science

Dept of Biochemical Engineering

Dr Marco Marques marco.marques@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Mike Sulu m.sulu@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Chemical Engineering

Dr Luca Mazzei l.mazzei@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Computer Science

Dr Graham Roberts graham.roberts@ucl.ac.uk

Mrs Sarah Bentley sarah.bentley@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Mr Joe Hird j.hird@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering

Mr Hab Salik j.salik@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy (STEaPP)

Mr Ayden Wilson ayden.wilson@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Security and Crime Science

Sanaz Zolghadriha  s.zolghadriha@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Laws

Dr Lucinda Miller l.miller@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Life Sciences

Division of Biosciences

Ms Marilyn Bryan m.bryan@ucl.ac.uk

Miss Tabitha Owen tabitha.owen@ucl.ac.uk

Mrs Nidhi Rathod n.rathod@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Stavroula Lialiou s.lialiou@ucl.ac.uk

Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (MRC LMCB)

Ms Lucy Newman lucy.newman@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Robert De Bruin r.debruin@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Dept of Chemistry

Miss Nicola Phillips n.phillips@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Earth Sciences

Professor Lidunka Vocadlo l.vocadlo@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Mathematics

Ms Helen Higgins h.higgins@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Physics & Astronomy

Mrs Lori Coletti Campbell l.coletti@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Science & Technology Studies

Dr Noémi Tousignant  n.tousignant@ucl.ac.uk

London Centre for Nanotechnology

Mr Andy Gormanly a.gormanly@ucl.ac.uk


Faculty of Medical Sciences

Cancer Institute

Mrs Louise Rusha l.rusha@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Manuela Rossini m.rossini@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Infection & Immunity

Sam Mardell s.mardell@ucl.ac.uk

Matthew Reeves matthew.reeves@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Medicine

Tom Ryan t.ryan@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez n.marina@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

Mrs Natalie Berry n.berry@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Marilena Loizidou m.loizidou@ucl.ac.uk

Eastman Dental Institute

Dr Nicola Mordan n.mordan@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Institute of Epidemiology & Health

Ms Hitakshi Tailor hitakshi.tailor@ucl.ac.uk

UCL EGA Institute for Womens Health

Mrs Jenny Rattray j.rattray@ucl.ac.uk

UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Ms Grazia Manzotti g.manzotti@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

Dept of Anthropology

Munya Saati m.saati@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Economics

Ms Emer Girling e.girling@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Suphanit Piyapromdee s.piyapromdee@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Geography

Dr Helene Burningham h.burningham@ucl.ac.uk

Claire Betts c.betts@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of History

Dr Coskun Tuncer a.tuncer@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of History of Art

Ms Eleanor Day e.day@ucl.ac.uk

Dept of Political Science

Mr Ajay Patel ajay.patel@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Maki Kimura maki.kimura@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Archaeology

Miss Charlotte Frearson c.frearson@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Ian Carroll i.carroll@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of the Americas

Dr Malu Gatto m.gatto@ucl.ac.uk

Ruth Harper ruth.harper@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of the Built Environment

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Miss Isha Reid i.reid@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Tania Alcantarilla t.alcantarilla@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

Miss Helen Pascoe h.pascoe@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER)

Mx Maija Powell maija.powell@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Nick Hughes nicholas.hughes@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Phil Symonds p.symonds@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Teresa Dawkins t.dawkins@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Gesche Huebner (BSEER EDI Lead) g.huebner@ucl.ac.uk

Miss Priscila Carvalho (EI EDI Lead) priscila.carvalho@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Alexandra Schneiders (EI EDI Lead) a.schneiders@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Pakhee Kumar (ISH EDI Lead) pakhee.kumar@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Irene Pluchinotta (EDE EDI Lead) i.pluchinotta@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Planning


UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

Ms Ala'a Shehabi a.shehabi@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services

Finance & Business Affairs

Miss Denise Hebborn d.hebborn@ucl.ac.uk

Information Services Division

Celeste Turner c.turner-lewis@ucl.ac.uk

Planning Division

Miss Helen Sawyer h.sawyer@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Culture

Miss Sarah Kenny k.kenny@ucl.ac.uk  

Mrs Katie Bironneau katie.bironneau@ucl.ac.uk  

Ms Rory Pesta r.pesta@ucl.ac.uk


School of Slavonic & East European Studies

Dr Kristin Roth-Ey k.roth-ey@ucl.ac.uk

IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

IOE - Centre for Languages & International Education

Ms Hayley Gewer h.gewer@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Culture, Communication & Media

Dr Jennifer Rode j.rode@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment

Miss Louise Vink Louise.vink@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Directorate

Miss Lisa Borejszo l.borejszo@ucl.ac.uk

Sagal Elmi s.elmi@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Learning & Leadership

Dr Christine Callender c.callender@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Psychology & Human Development

Dr Liory Fern-Pollak l.fern-pollak@ucl.ac.uk

IOE - Social Research Institute

Ashraf Hoque  a.hoque@ucl.ac.uk

Carol Rivas c.rivas@ucl.ac.uk

VP: Education

Student and Registry Services

Mr James Gorridge j.gorridge@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Rob Traynor r.traynor@ucl.ac.uk

Mrs Helen Notter h.notter@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Caroline Fionda Dedman  c.fionda@ucl.ac.uk

Kimberley Ashwell (Disability) k.ashwell@ucl.ac.uk

Lauren Sandhu (Chair) lauren.sandhu@ucl.ac.uk

Miss Rowan King rowan.king.12@ucl.ac.uk

Saam Das (Race) saam.das@ucl.ac.uk

Temoor Raja (LGBTQ+) t.raja@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Dimitrios Zachos d.zachos@ucl.ac.uk

Ms Sylwia Wasiak-Rakowska s.wasiak@ucl.ac.uk

Lillie Chopamba (HR) l.chopamba@ucl.ac.uk

Clare Hewitt (Gender) c.hewitt@ucl.ac.uk

Chilima Sianyeuka (Race) c.sianyeuka@ucl.ac.uk

Miss Charlotte Odell  c.odell@ucl.ac.uk

VP: Health


VP: International

UCL Qatar

Dr Martina Renzi martina.renzi@ucl.ac.uk

Mr Patrick Burkett p.burkett@ucl.ac.uk

VP: Research

Library Services

Ms Grazia Manzotti g.manzotti@ucl.ac.uk

Breege Whiten b.whiten@ucl.ac.uk