Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Student Harassment and Bullying Policy

Scope and purpose

This policy relates to all students of UCL. UCL has a firm commitment to equality and diversity and will not tolerate the harassment or bullying of one member of its community by another or others. The purpose of this policy is to promote the development of a working environment in which harassment and bullying are known to be unacceptable and where individuals have the confidence to complain about harassment and bullying, should they arise, in the knowledge that their concerns will be dealt with appropriately and fairly. The policy outlines procedures to be followed if a student feels they are being harassed or bullied during their period of study at UCL. Information can also be found on UCL's Equalities and Diversity website, which also includes a separate policy on Harassment and Bullying for staff.

UCL's commitment

UCL, as part of its commitment to equality and diversity, believes that every student has a right to work and study in an environment which encourages harmonious relationships. UCL is committed to preventing harassment and bullying and its commitment to equal opportunity is enshrined in the principles on which it was founded.

Every student is also personally liable under the Equality Act 2010 and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Allegations of harassment and bullying will be treated very seriously by UCL and could result in disciplinary action being taken against the perpetrator.

UCL will ensure that any student raising a genuine concern under this policy is not victimised as a result.

As allegations of harassment and bullying are very serious, UCL will also treat very seriously any such allegations proven to be malicious and these are also likely to be the subject of disciplinary action.

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