UCL EPSRC Doctoral Training


Apply for a UCL ESPRC DTP studentship

The UCL EPSRC DTP has opportunities for funded studentships for 2022/23 in a wide range of subject areas.

All studentships are fully funded for 4 years.

All studentships/opportunities are open to home and international applicants, however there is a strict limit on the total number of international students that can be recruited, so competition or these places is particularly strong.

Recruitment to DTP studentships is done through 2 separate streams. Prospective students can apply to multiple opportunities.

UCL's main Portico building with rainbow banner flags between the building columns

UCL EPSRC DTP open competition

Apply for study in any relevant subject area

Closing date: 20 April 2022

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Department-led recruitment

Apply for specific projects or departments

Includes Industry-collaboration projects