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Student visas

If you are coming to study in the UK for more than 6 months then you will require a Student visa.

Applying for a Student visa should be fairly straight forward as long as you are prepared. Click on one of the links below for information about how to apply under the Student visa route and what it means to hold a Student visa.

Applying outside the UK

Link to Fee schedules

Information about how to make a Student visa application in your country of residence.

Applying inside the UK

Link to email services

Information about how to make a Student visa application in the UK. 


Link to Shape your world

Information for those who wish to bring dependents to the UK during their studies.

Student visa document checklists

Person ticking items off a checklist

Document checklists to help prepare your Student visa application.

Student visa responsibilities

Link to Timetables

Guidance on how to ensure compliance with your Student visa conditions. 

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Link to Email, computers and internet

Information about BRPs and what to do if yours is lost or stolen. 

Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)

Link to remote desktop services

A CAS number is a unique 14 digit reference given to you by UCL.


Link to pay your fees content

To be able to apply for a Student visa you must meet a minimum financial requirement.

Healthcare fee

Stethoscope and laptop

If your visa is longer than 6 months you are required to pay a surcharge.

Student part-time study visa

Mindfulness for exam stress

Read UCL's policy on Student part-time study visas.

The Student visa is for full-time long term study in the UK

The Student visa is the only visa that is specifically for full-time long term study in the UK.

We expect the majority of overseas students will need to obtain this visa. However, a number of different visas will still allow you to study in the UK, though these visas will have been obtained for a main reason other than study. If you already have one of these visas, you may be able to choose to study using this visa.

If you do, you should ensure that you are still able to meet the conditions your visa was issued for.

If you are not able to show a valid visa that enables you to study, UCL will not be able to allow you to enrol. Examples of other visas you can study on are:

  • PBS dependant
  • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme
  • Skilled Worker visa (part-time study)
  • Ancestry visa
  • Tier 1 Investor
  • EU settled status or pre-settled status