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Gill Weston

My PhD  Title: Atypical working patterns in the UK: their relationship with mental health and sleep.

Supervisor: Professor Anne McMunn, Dr Elizabeth Webb, Dr Afshin Zilanawala, Dr Livia Carvalho

Lay summary: My research focuses on whether temporary work, self-employment, long weekly work hours, weekend working, and non-standard work schedules (e.g shift work and night work) are associated with depression, wellbeing, sleep quality and sleep duration.

My Background Since around the start of this millennium I've been helping employers and employees tackle work-related stress and improve worker wellbeing and effectiveness. Prior to this I enjoyed a career in public affairs and public relations, which was partly characterised by long working hours and demanding deadlines. This stimulated my interest in understanding why some colleagues were flourishing and others were floundering. I returned to academic study to learn how stressful experiences can have significant effects on a variety of physiological systems, and how to improve wellbeing. This was supplemented with courses in cognitive behaviour therapy and complementary therapies including clinical hypnotherapy; and later followed by additional academic study in psychology, happiness and resilience. Noting how the world of work is changing due to technological advances and the globalised economy, and the reported positive and negative impacts this is having on the labour force I was inspired to embark on my research at UCL. My continuing work with clients inspires me to stay focused on the purpose behind my studies.


1989 BSc Hons (modules included food science, nutrition, economics, marketing, and sociology)

2001 MSc Psychobiology of Stress

2010 MSc Applied Positive Psychology




Unison Media/Flourishing: Consultant in wellbeing and engagement at work

Contact details gillian.weston.14@ucl.ac.uk