Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Afternoon Workshops

Well-being in GPs
Dr Marta Buszewicz and Dr Ruth Riley

This workshop will explore emotional and mental health difficulties experienced by GPs, which they are often reluctant to disclose or seek appropriate help for. Evidence suggests doctors, including GPs, are more likely than the general population to experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. We will present findings from a recent study of GPs, including those currently living with such mental health difficulties and returning to work after treatment. We will then invite workshop participants to discuss this problem and how it can best be addressed at an individual, practice and societal level

Dr Paquita de Zulueta

This experiential workshop will introduce mindfulness practice and compassionate mind training. Mindfulness has been defined as 'awareness arising though paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally'. Compassionate resilience will also be explored, both in relation to self-compassion and compassion to others.

More detailed information can be found here

Developing your career as a GP teacher
Dr John Barber and Dr Jenny Hopwood

This workshop will present recent research about facilitators and barriers to GPs teaching in primary care, as a basis for discussion with participants about their experiences of opportunities and challenges combining patient-based care and teaching. We will then briefly discuss models of feedback and top tips for developing your career as a GP teacher.

Prof Chantal Simon

This workshop will examine common triggers contributing to stress and burnout. Delegates will then discuss experiences, exploring individual and collective ways to support, develop and strengthen resilience in the context of healthcare and medical education.

For more information, see this article on Neurobiology of Resilience or this helpful podcast