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At the forefront of digital health intervention, evaluation and implementation.

The aim of the eHealth Unit is to help people to get better through digital health promotion and disease management programmes. Co-led by Elizabeth Murray and Fiona Stevenson, it is one of the foremost eHealth units internationally.

We research how to deliver non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as physiotherapy, psychological therapies and disease management, through online programmes and apps. We apply our digital expertise across the health care spectrum, working with conditions including diabetes, sexual health,  knee rehabilitation Tourette’s syndrome and others. 

Our research is led by patient needs, which enables us to find feasible, practical solutions to address health problems. We have strong multidisciplinary expertise across a wide range of research methods.

You can watch a short video on the work of the eHealth Unit below.

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Research streams:

•    Interventions - We develop and digital health interventions in partnership with patients and the public.
•    Evaluation - we evaluate digital health interventions with randomised controlled trials and process evaluations

  • Implementation – We translate interventions into clinical practice.

•    Interactions – We focus on understanding interactions between health care professionals and patients.

Going forward

Our priorities include the following areas:
•    Digital divide and health inequalities 
•    Engagement, uptake and adherence
•    Integration of digital health into patient journeys and clinical workflows



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