Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Community Based Randomised Trials and Methodology

Supervisors: Dr Greta Rait, Professor Irwin Nazareth, Dr Kate Walters

PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is a partnership between the UCL Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health, Division of Psychiatry and the Department of Statistical Science. PRIMENT CTU collaborates with internal and external researchers to develop and/or evaluate complex interventions in primary care, psychiatric and community settings. The unit has a particular focus on mental health and behavioural change interventions, and on evaluative methodology. Possible research topics include studies embedded within existing funded randomised trials run through the CTU and methodological questions which aim to enhance the scientific quality of trials or elicit effects of treatment exposure using alternative methodologies. 

Project: Economics and frailty

Supervisors: Dr Kate Walters, Rachael Hunter

Frailty is associated with significant economic costs to patients, carers and health and social care services. Current methods for evaluating these methodologies as part of economic evaluations though fail to capture the full benefit of addressing frailty. The aim of this project would be to develop methodologies for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of frailty related interventions including identifying suitable outcomes and predictors of costs. There is the potential to use data from Priment trials as well as exploring innovative methods using large data sets.

Contact: g.rait@ucl.ac.uk i.nazareth@ucl.ac.uk k.walters@ucl.ac.uk