Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Afternoon Workshops

Assessment of Quality and the National exam
Dr Joanne Harris - UK Council for Professionalism in Undergraduate Teaching. Deputy Head of Undergraduate Medicine, Imperial College London

This workshop will explore how we conceptualise and value professionalism in general practice placements. Using recent research on the assessment of professionalism in medical students, we will discuss how we can evaluate professionalism and the challenges this may produce. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the current proposal for a National Licensing Assessment and how to translate the nature of professionalism in practice into an exam as well as other possible ways to create national standards for professionalism.

RCGP Measuring Quality in Practice
Dr Rachel Roberts - Head of Primary Care, Education and Development, Health Education England working across North London

This workshop will explore RCGP's approach to teaching in general practice, and the way in which quality is valued and measured. This workshop will use quality improvement projects (QIPs) and e-portfolio cases to discuss the challenges and opportunities these methods provide to promote and maintain high teaching standards.

GP Registrars as Teachers: Expanding teaching, maintaining quality and supporting the GP workforce
Dr Liza Kirtchuk - Stage 2 GP lead, King's Undergraduate Medical Education in the Community Team

Near-peer teaching (e.g. GP Registrars teaching medical students) has many established benefits, and can contribute to the development of a rich community of practice.  This approach brings with it a range of educational gains for the learner, the near-peer tutor and the practice. It also presents opportunities to identify efficiencies, bridge the boundary between undergraduate and postgraduate GP training and raise the profile of general practice amongst undergraduates.  This workshop will share recent findings from research exploring the impact of GP trainees as undergraduate teachers at two medical schools, and encourage discussion about the opportunities and challenges arising from this teaching approach.   

How research can change practice quality: A Rule of Thumb Case Study
Dr Nathan Davies - Senior Research Fellow, University College London, Primary Care and Population Health

This workshop will use a "Rule of thumb" guidance toolkit for practitioners providing care for people with dementia at the end of life, to explore how the utilisation of research findings can be translated into patient care in general practice. During the workshop the journey from the development of the toolkit using co-design, through to publication and implementation in clinical practice will be reviewed. Delegates can explore how similar strategies might be implemented in other primary care contexts.