Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Education Seminar 19.09.16

Title: Patient and public engagement in UK education (or the rocky road to a Doctorate in Education)

Speaker: Anita Berlin

Date & Time: Monday 19th September; 1-2pm in seminar rooms 1 & 2, PCPH

Abstract: The practitioner research presented explores what happens when an important, but heterogeneous idea - public engagement and patient involvement medical education - is turned it into a mandatory standard. Four case studies are presented - 3 medical schools, and the regulator (the GMC) - based on interviews with school leaders and GMC officers. The data were analysed applying two approaches, informed by symbolic interactionism and social epistemology: boundary object theory and frame analysis. I will present the results which show that public engagement has many features of a boundary object, and how frame analysis provides an insight into the socio-political, moral and pedagogical dimensions of involving patients and the public affected by the use of knowledge, values and authority on one hand, and regulation on the other.

I will also share some of the insights gained along the way - from wonderful supervision, through parental illness, to near-disastrous viva!