Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


BRHS November 2016

Title: Physical activity: patterns and promotion across the lifespan

Speaker: Daniel Aggio, PhD Student

Date & Time: Monday 21st November; 12:30 - 14:00; seminar rooms 1 & 2

Abstract: In this seminar I will talk about current research on the patterns of physical activity across the lifespan and what my PhD will add to the current knowledge base. The talk will also draw on recent studies that I have been involved with prior to and during my rotation year of my PhD. Specifically, I will describe the results from the Camden Active Spaces project, a recent study in partnership with Camden council to promote physical activity in children by reconstructing school playgrounds. I will also describe the work I conducted with the BRHS team on the association of physical activity with sarcopenia in older adults. Finally, I will talk about how this work has shaped the research questions I hope to answer in my PhD and discuss some early results on the patterns of physical activity from midlife to old age.