Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


BRHS 20th November 2017

Title: "From weight loss to tooth loss": new research avenues in the British Regional Heart Study to improve cardiovascular ageing

Speakers: Dr Sheena Ramsay,  Clinical Senior Lecturer, University Of Newcastle 

Abstract: The British Regional Heart Study (BRHS) is an on-going cohort study of cardiovascular disease initially started in 1978-80. With over 35 years of follow-up in a well-characterised study, the BRHS is uniquely placed to investigate key health challenges faced by ageing populations. In this seminar we will provide an overview of the cohort study and recent research initiatives focusing on ageing conditions (frailty, sarcopenia) and oral health. We will present findings that highlight: 1) the impact of sarcopenic obesity (muscle loss coupled with obesity) in older age, and 2) the relationship of poor oral health with frailty in older populations.