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PhD Students

Ms Melanie Lacey
PhD Student
Email: melanie.lacey.13@ucl.ac.uk
Mel's work is part of the Alcohol Consumption across the Life-course project. She is investigating potential pathways by which consuming alcohol may affect risk of coronary heart disease. Using data from across the life-course allows her to characterise the longer term relationships between alcohol consumption and specific biomarkers than is otherwise possible.

PhD title: Relationships between alcohol consumption across the life-course and coronary heart disease biomarkers
Melanie Lacey
Ms Tahera Razavi
PhD Student
Email: sayyada.razavi.13@ucl.ac.uk
Tahera's research interests are work life balance and cortisol. She is currently investigating the longitudinal association between work-family conflict and diurnal cortisol patterns in members of the Whitehall II study.

PhD Title: Investigating diurnal cortisol patterns and the association with work-life balance.
Tahera Razavi
Chengyi Ding
PhD Student
Email: chengyi.ding.17@ucl.ac.uk

Chengyi's research interests are alcohol consumption and coronary heart disease (CHD). Her research will use the Whitehall II study and other cohorts to define alcohol consumption trends among patients who have experienced a first-ever, non-fatal CHD event, and to investigate the longitudinal association between alcohol use and CHD prognosis.



Provisional PhD Title: Trajectories of alcohol consumption and their association with the prognosis of patients with coronary heart disease 

Dr Andrew Sommerlad
PhD Student
Andrew is a Wellcome Trust research fellow and old-age psychiatrist interested in social functioning and dementia. For his PhD he is exploring the longitudinal association between social disengagement and cognitive decline, with a view to clarifying the causal relationship, using the Whitehall II cohort and Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam.

PhD title: Social disengagement as an behavioural marker for cognitive decline.
Andrew Sommerlad
Carlos Valencia-Hernández, MD
PhD Student
Carlos is interested in social inequalities in cardiovascular diseases, and the likelihood of differential outcomes. He will use 30 years of follow-up in the Whitehall II study to develop prediction models of vascular ageing and functional decline, taking account of socioeconomic position and using repeat measurements of aortic stiffness (pulse wave velocity). His research aim is to develop novel strategies to prevent vascular ageing. 

Provisional PhD Title: Modelling cardiovascular disease risk factors in older people using aortic pulse wave velocity.