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Principal investigator

Dr Jennifer Mindell

Jenny, a public health doctor, is a Reader in Public Health in the Health and Social Surveys Research Group in the Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL, where she leads the internationally recognised UCL team running the annual Health Survey for England. She has expertise in survey methods, transport and health, and health impact assessment (HIA). 

Her work has been widely used by national and regional government and the third sector in policy, such as the walking speed of older people or assessing the health impacts of the Mayor's transport strategy. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Transport and Health; is the health lead of the UCL Transport Institute; and chairs the UK Faculty of Public Health's Health Improvement Committee. She was previously the Co-chair (Science) and is currently on the executive of the Transport and Health Study Group (THSG).

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Professor Peter Jones

Peter is Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development in the UCL Centre for Transport Studies. He has researched extensively into factors limiting spatio-temporal accessibility, including severance, as experienced by communities in ex coal mining areas of South Yorkshire; and he has worked with local communities in West Yorkshire and East London to identify barriers to movement at the meso, street network level. 

He recently gave evidence to the Environmental Audit Select Committee as part of their inquiry into Accessibility to Public services, and has been involved in several street design studies to reduce severance through physical design interventions.

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Professor Laura Vaughan

Laura is Professor of Urban Form and Society and Director of the Space Syntax Laboratory, based at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture. The Space Syntax Laboratory is the originator of the research field of 'space syntax', which has led to a fundamental understanding of the relationship between urban design, infrastructure and walkability, the use of public space as well as longer term social outcomes.

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Dr Shaun Scholes

Shaun is a social statistician at the HSSRG at UCL. He has modelled risk factor trends on present and future CHD mortality and has extensive knowledge of large datasets including Health Survey for England, the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), Hospital Episode Statistics, and the General Practice Research Database. He has an MSc in Social Statistics from the University of Southampton and worked for 7 years providing statistical and analytical advice at NatCen's Survey Methods Unit. 

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Professor Muki Haklay

Muki is Professor of Geographical Information Science, Co-Director of the UCL Extreme Citizen Science group, and a Director of Mapping for Change, a social enterprise working with local communities to use mapping and geographical analysis to address problems faced. He is an EPSRC Challenging Engineering fellow (Extreme Citizen Science). Prof Haklay has worked with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) since 1988, and developed innovative solutions in GIS throughout his academic career. He has expertise in societal aspects of GIS use, participatory mapping and community engagement, and extensive experience in knowledge transfer.

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Professor Nora Groce

Nora is a medical anthropologist with longterm interest in marginalized urban populations. Now UCL's Leonard Cheshire Chair, she directs the Leonard Cheshire Centre on Disability and Inclusive Development, specialising in research on persons with disabilities. Professor Groce was previously an Associate Professor and Director of the Yale University Urban Health Programme (1994-2004), leading extensive research on the health of individuals and groups in urban environments. She has undertaken fieldwork in 12 countries, authored or co-authored over 180 publications, and regularly serves as a consultant to national, international and UN agencies.

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Dr Paulo Rui Anciães

Paulo is a Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Transport Studies. His main interests are urban accessibility, non-motorised mobility, environmental justice, and health and social aspects of transport. He obtained his PhD from the LSE with a dissertation on social justice in urban transport planning. He also has qualifications in GIS and Environmental Economics and participated in research projects in the UK, Japan, Portugal, Armenia, and Cape Verde.

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Dr Jemima Stockton

Jemima is a Research Associate at the UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. She has recently completed a PhD in this department investigating associations between neighbourhood physical environments and levels of physical activity and mental health in adults. This research included the development of a novel walkability index for London, based on land use mix, residential density and street connectivity, using geographical and statistical software. Jemima is keen to identify reciprocally beneficial relationships between people and place, wherein environments foster human behaviours that are both healthy and pro-environmental.

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Dr Ashley Dhanani

Ashley is a Research Associate at the The Bartlett School of Architecture

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