Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Tiny Tastes: The impact of exposure and incentives on children's acceptance of vegetables

In a series of intervention studies with preschool and primary school aged children we investigated the impact of exposure with and without rewards on children's liking and intake of vegetables. These interventions were highly successful and very popular with children and parents alike.  A 'Tiny Tastes pack' which includes scientifically-based guidance for parents and carers on encouraging children to eat vegetables has been developed and tested and is available for purchase from the charity Weight Concern (www.weightconcern.org.uk/tinytastes). Tiny Tastes was funded by grants from the Medical Research Council National Prevention Research Initiative, Cancer Research UK, and Weight Concern.

Principal investigator: Dr Lucy Cooke

Contact: Lucy Cooke (lucy.cooke[at]ucl.ac.uk)

Website: www.weightconcern.org.uk/tinytastes