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Healthy Habits

A Programme for Staying Well After Cancer

About the ASCOT trial

  • You are accessing the Healthy Habits website because you have been chosen to be part of the ASCOT Intervention
  • The website is designed to be used along with your Healthy Habits Booklet (pdf) and Telephone Consultation
  • At the moment the information on this site is only aimed at people who have been enrolled in the ASCOT trial, and their close family.
  • If you are not sure about the above, or you have not received your ASCOT telephone consultation and it is more than 3 weeks since you received your booklet, please contact the Research Team to arrange this.

The ASCOT Website will 

  • Give you more information about the Science of Healthy Habits
  • Give you some more resources to help you to be Active Every Day
  • Give you some additional exercises developed by our clinical physiotherapist to help you Get Stronger and Fitter
  • Answer some Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tell you a bit more about the Research Team