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Grant Success: New ESRC funded project on the impact of coastal towns on young people’s life chances

26 October 2022

Dr Emily Murray, and Dr Stephen Jivraj (both ESRC International Centre For Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health), are co-investigators on a new 3-year mixed method study, led by the Centre for Global Youth at the UCL Institute for Education.

Seaside beach and surfer

This study examines the ways in which growing up in a coastal town can impact young people’s life chances, specifically their chances of having good education, work, housing, and health and wellbeing outcomes as adults.

The research focuses on coastal towns as some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK are now in coastal areas.

Dr Emily Murray said: 

"Coastal towns have attracted a lot of attention in recent UK policy debates, and these discussions often raise concerns about the future of young people in these towns, largely because of the limited educational and employment opportunities. Despite this, there is very little research on the impact of growing up in a coastal town on young people’s experiences, attitudes, or life chances. This project will address this gap by looking at the spatial inequalities in life chances experienced by contemporary coastal youth, as well as change over the life course."

Dr’s Murray and Jivraj will lead and conduct the quantitative portion of the grant, using three British cohort studies to examine spatial inequalities in the life chances experienced by contemporary coastal youth, as well as change over the life course (as these young people get older) and change over time (ie: intergenerational differences in experiences and outcomes).

To find out more about the aims, questions and methods of the new study, read about the research on the Centre for Global Youth blog.