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Reducing Health Inequalities Through New Models of Care: A Resource for New Care Models

26 September 2018

Rising demand and costs have put the NHS and workforce under immense strain - improving health and reducing inequalities is more important than ever.

Reducing Health Inequalities  And, of course, improving health equity is central to the mission and work of the NHS and all those working in it.

This report urges the development of an ambitious local health system - which focusses on population health needs and good health for all as well as provision of treatment and services.

While many of the levers to improve health currently lie outside the remit of healthcare services, there are significant opportunities for healthcare organisations to do far more to improve population health and reduce inequalities in health, and NHSE have acknowledged this. New Care Models, for example, are well placed to build elements of a health system approach through integral mechanisms and approaches.

Image: West Midlands Fire Service Photographic 2018

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