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Spotlight: Madiha Sajid

18 October 2017

IEHC talks to Madiha Sajid, Teaching & Learning Officer at IEHC and programme Administrator for our very own MSc Health Psychology programme.

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What attracted you to UCL?

The commitment that UCL shows towards achieving gender equality (Athena Swan), the family friendly working environment and of course, its great location right in the heart of London.

What did you do before you started your role here?

Before starting this position, I was working for a charity for disabled children. At the same time, I studied at Institute of Education (IOE, UCL) and completed my Masters degree in Education & International Development.

Name and role within IEHC:

What do you like about your job and why?

No day is the same and every day brings its own set of exciting challenges. I am privileged enough to be in a position where I see the entire student journey - right from initial enquiries all the way up to graduation day. My main role is to look after students' learning experience at UCL. When they finish their studies here at UCL, it feels like a personal accomplishment to me. The best part of the job is when I send them the congratulatory email to confirm that they have passed!

What piece of advice would you give to new starters?

Enjoy the beautiful city of London, explore local parks, attend exhibitions, try out cafés and join in the wonderful festivals of all cultures! Also, whilst at UCL, use every opportunity to gain as many skills as possible via attending lunch hour lectures, volunteering with research groups, joining clubs and societies and finally, engaging with your home department.

What are your future career goals?

In short term, I am working on gaining Fellowship of Higher Education Academy. In long term, I plan to do a PhD and my proposal has been accepted already.

Tell us something surprising about yourself OR What are you most proud of?

I am very proud of the UCL Parents & Carers Together network (PACT) that was set up 4 years ago. It does what it says on the tin! We provide advice and support to all parents and carers across UCL and I have met some amazing people through this network.

Where do you identify as home?

London is home to me although I am fortunate enough to have a second home in Pakistan!