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PhD Road Map

PhD Road Map Front Cover

IEHC's PhD RoadMap is a comprehensive guide to PhD life at IEHC. It has been developed over an academic year, by students and for students, and has been designed specifically for PhD students and supervisors within IEHC. 

The guide aims to help PhD students make the most of their time at UCL by equipping them with the knowledge that they need to succeed, and by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development at their fingertips.

Download the PhD Road Map

Managers and Group leads guidance

We are committed to ensuring that all staff are able to fulfill their potential while working at the Institute.  The need for good supervision and mentoring is particularly acute for Early Career Researchers (ECR), many of whom experience contract insecurity, and face substantial challenges in becoming independent researchers, but is also relevant to all our staff at all levels. 

The aim of these recommendations is to clarify expectations around management, support and mentoring for group leads.  Some of the recommendations are worded with ECR in mind, but the underlying principles apply to staff in general.  

View IEHC Guidance for group leads and managers (requires UCL login and password)

PaCT (Parents and Carers Together)

UCL Parents and Carers Together (PACT) Network is a volunteer-led grassroots network that was established in May 2014 and is co-chaired by IEHC's Madiha Sajid and Jawwad Darr to raise awareness of the needs of working parents and carers. 

The network directly meets the strategic objective of (number 2) UCL 2034 Strategy, which is to:

''Improve the consistency of experience and support of staff and students around pregnancy, maternity, paternity, childcare and caring responsibilities''. 

Issues commonly facing parents and carers include: part-time working, flexible working, techniques and strategies for communicating with colleagues and/or managers, dealing with discrimination and stereotypes, managing expectations of other staff, challenging inappropriate comments, emerging technology and its impact, and establishing work-life balance. Find out more about the Parent and Carers Together (PaCT) Network