Valentina Putrino

Name Valentina Putrino

Valentina Putrino

             PhD student


Email    valentina.putrino.14@ucl.ac.uk


Area of Research / Academic Interests

Valentina is an architect with a Master Degree in Architecture from University of Catania (Italy) who decided to further broaden her knowledge in structural design and assessment, combining it with her interest in earthquake related disciplines.  She gained the MSc degree from UCL in October 2015, ranking second in her cohort. Valentina will continue her studies to doctorate level pursuing research on Structural Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage Assets to multiple natural hazards. Her PhD will focus on developing a robust procedure to determine the weaknesses of historic buildings to seismic actions, floods and landslides. The objective is to produce a numerical tool that engineers and conservators can use to determine the need and extent of strengthening, repair, adaptation of historic buildings exposed to natural hazards, to deliver them to posterity.