Promoting Safer Building - Supporting self-recovery after disasters

Promoting Safer Building is an action research programme with the aim of achieving safer, more resilient reconstruction of housing after disasters. The programme focuses on understanding and supporting people's own choices and efforts to rebuild ('self-recovery').

Funded by an initial grant from CARE International UK and pilot funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund the intention is to build a strong alliance of organisations to develop our collective understanding of self-recovery and our ability to effectively promote safer building after disasters.

The programme will be made up of a number of complementary action research projects leading to new and improved ways of promoting and achieving safer buildings at scale.

The pilot project for Promoting Safer Building is a 12 month project led by ODI, together with CARE International UK, UCL EPICentre and the British Geological Survey.



£150,000 from CARE International UK 

£200,000 from the Global Challenges Research Fund as part of a multi-disciplinary Building Resilience research project from NERC, AHRC & ESRC.

Partners: ODI, CARE International UK, British Geological Survey

Epicentre Staff Involved: Tiziana Rossetto, Dina D'Ayala, John Twigg, Daniel Pohoryles